Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Harder Than It Seems

Not that you would know it by checking the frequency with which I post new entries, but I swear that I think of at least five new things to write about every week. Really, all that's keeping me from making it big as a world-famous blogger is my full-time job, planning a wedding, doing housework to pay rent, sister's softball games, and golf. Oh yeah, and sleeping and dinnertimes.
Round 1

I played my first round of golf of the season yesterday. I was able to play quasi-hooky from work and Greg snuck away from seminary long enough to get in 18 holes on a beautiful spring day in Philly. We played at Twining Valley (Greg's interim home course), which turned out to be the most challenging course I have played to date.

I broke my previous personal best (by one stroke) for any 9 holes by shooting a 55 on the front, and then shot a 56 on the back for a 111 18-hole score. I've only played a full 18 two other times and I don't remember how I fared.

My front score could have been much lower, but I hacked two 8's on two different par 4's, and scored a 10 on the par-4 4th hole. My lie on the green started out well below the hole and the greens were pool table fast. I think Greg and I both 6-putted, and it was almost reaching the point of comical tragedy with how many times we putted up the hill only to have it roll right back down to our feet. My final put actually went past the hole and rolled back down in.

I tallied two pars, on holes 2 and 6, and the highlight of my golf career so far was scoring a birdie on the par-4 9th hole. I had put my tee shot on the green with my driver, and then left a 35-foot eagle putt short. I tapped in for birdie and got a handshake from Greg.

My goals for the year are to break 50, not ever score over 60, and go a whole round without a 3-putt.