Saturday, February 09, 2008

Grandpa Cuomo

A man whom I considered to be my adopted grandfather, Donald Cuomo, was diagnosed with terminal cancer throughout his body a few months ago. His seemingly imminent passing has weighed heavy on many hearts in the Cuomo family and in my own, especially in the past weeks. Don and his wife, Barbara, had "adopted" my parents as their own children when my father served as an intern at the OPC church in Harmony, NJ 27 years ago. They treated my siblings and I as if we were Cuomos. You may remember that Don Cuomo gave the prayer of blessing at my wedding.

With his decreasing state of health in mind, I had, in fact, written a type of tribute letter to him which went out in today's mail. Not even an hour after the mailman came and left, my father called me with the news that Grandpa Cuomo has passed into glory. He will never read the letter, but you may find it posted below.

I post it as a tribute to a great man in my life, and a great leader and example in the church of Jesus Christ. I post it as a praise to my heavenly Father who has granted me the gift of love from this man for the years on earth in which our lives overlapped.

- Grandpa Cuomo,

It would be difficult for me to overestimate what your life has meant to my own. The Lord has used your love, your wisdom, and your example to bless me and my family in ways to numerous to count or quantify.

You have been faithful as a godly husband, father, grandfather, and elder before my eyes and the eyes of so many others. What great assurance I have when considering the future generations of my family when I can so clearly see how the Lord has been faithful to the generations of the Cuomo family after you.

What immeasurable joy and happiness I can expect to find in the future years of my own marriage when I see the depth of love and unity you share with the wife of your youth.

What confidence I have in considering the future of the church of our Lord Jesus Christ when I reflect on the wisdom, conviction, and the love of the Word with which He equipped you to serve Him. Your years of faithful leadership and service are an inspiration and a comfort to me as I consider how the Lord would have me to help build His church.

The memories and thoughts of you that I am blessed to possess are treasured in the most dear halls of my heart. I not only thank the Lord for allowing me to be loved and polished by a man such as you, but I thank you for the ways in which you, in both word and deed, have helped me to more greatly love and trust our Heavenly Father.

You are one of the greatest blessings of my life. I love you, and will see you soon.

- Scott