Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ten Things That Really Bother Me, But Shouldn't

1. Knowing that even if I brush and rinse before I go to bed, I will still wake up with rancid breath.
2. Rascal Flatts songs.
3. People who don't merge one-at-a-time.
4. Fake testicles hanging behind pick-up trucks.
5. Tabloids. And anyone in them.
6. Girls wearing matching Velour sweatsuits out of the house. Same goes for guys and pajama/lounge pants.
7. People wearing Abercrombie t-shirts. Look at me! I overpay for everyday items!
8. People wearing Hollister or Quicksilver t-shirts. No one on the east coast surfs. Aspire to convince people that you are part of something of greater worth than the surf crowd.
9. Drivers using their windshield wipers at a setting far too high than what the rainfall merits.
10. The OBX/LBI/IRE bumper stickers. See my February 2007 blog post.